kret_reborn (kret_reborn) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Something for everyone.

Hey everyone, just another lot of stuff I'm selling. I have a little something for everyone: beanies, board shorts for the summer, sweaters, (unworn) boxers, and a few other things. I hope you'll check it out.

1. American Eagle Reversible Beanie (Blue) ($5)


2. American Eagle Beanie (Cream) ($5)

3. Corona Extra Drawstring Board Shorts (Size 32) ($5)

4. No Boundaries "Brooklyn" Drawstring Board Shorts (Size 32) ($3)


5. Old Navy Boxer Shorts (Size M) SOLD

6. Peter Grimm Straw Cowboy Hat With Skull and Crossbones ($5)

7. FUBU "05" Jersey (Size XL) ($7)


8. American Eagle 100% Cotton Sweater - Brand New (Size XS) ($7)


9. Old Navy Sweatshirt (Size S) ($5)

10. Wrangler Khakis (32 Waist/30 Length) ($5)

The boxers were a gift this Christmas, I saw the "M" on the tag and knew they wouldn't fit. (Old Navy's "M" fits too tight on me for some reason.) Since the tags were removed already, I could never return them. They're a bit wrinkled from being crumpled up in my closet for so long, but in great shape otherwise.

I took the picture of the cowboy hat before I dusted it, sorry! You won't receive it dusty, I promise. :)

As always, I accept well-concealed cash, money orders and PayPal. I don't accept personal checks, and I don't ship outside the United States. I apologize. :(


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