half_my_soul (half_my_soul) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Emisil 5.5 inch erect bendable and punched hair!!!!

Hey guys im selling my erect prothetic emisil in order to help fund for further surgeries. This prothetic is brand new NEVER USED.I payed over $500.000 with shipping and the punched hair. I am only asking $399.99 which is a substantial amount concidering it is new. I could probably return it and get more money however I wanted to help some guys who dont have the money to purchase this item new.
What this prothetic comes with
.Free shipping *only in usa
. 3d movable testicles
. Multi layer silicone
. Dark pubic hair punched in
. Olive skin tone would concider it light enough for someone tan
. A lovely box
You can check the emisil website for pricing
My email is
PLEASE NOTE I PAYED MORE FOR PUBIC HAIR PUNCHING AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WHICH IS WHY THE PRICE IS THIS !!!!!!the picture from website does NOT include the shipping costs!!!!!!! src="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/half_my_soul/77250544/292/292_900.jpg" alt="" title="">


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