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Seriously huge garage sale.

Hey guys, selling a bunch of clothes again. Most of my wardrobe no longer fits me, but testosterone will do that to you, so...yeah. Most of my shirts are either XS or S or rarely M, and jeans range from 32-34 waist to a 30-34 length. Bear with me...

(Most clothing articles are either American Eagle or Old Navy.)

T-Shirts ($7 each, $5 + $2 S/H)
American Eagle Red Ringer Tee "Rockwood Beavers" [Size XS] (Design | Back)
American Eagle Grey and Cream Jersey Tee [Size XS] (Design)
American Eagle White Tee "1977" [Size XS] (Design)
American Eagle Grey Ringer Tee "Nantucket Bail Bonds" [Size M] (Design | Back)
American Eagle Brown Ringer Tee "Quickee Pump 'N Go" [Size XS] (Design | Back)
American Eagle Grey Henley Tee [Size XS] (Design)
Utility Brown Ringer Tee "Pinball Legend" [Size S] (Design)
Black Darth Vader Tee [Size XS] (Design)

Sweaters ($7 each, $5 + $2 S/H)
Old Navy Cream Cotton Sweater [Size S]
Old Navy Yellow-Striped Brown Sweater [Size S]

Pants ($10 each, $8 + $2 S/H)
American Eagle Distressed Blue Jeans [Waist 32/Length 32] (Front | Back)
Mossimo Worn Out Style Blue Jeans [Waist 32/Length 30] (Front | Back)
Wrangler Khakis [Waist 33/Length 30] (Front | Back)

Shorts ($8 each, $6 + $2 S/H)
Levi's Blue Jean Board Shorts [Waist 33]
Faded Glory Khaki Board Shorts [Waist 34]

I accept PayPal and money orders. My PayPal is, if you have any questions or anything, ask them here or email me at the above address. (It's my catch-all, so specify who you are in the email subject.) All shipments coming from New York.

PS: My toes are in a lot of the shots, haha. Sorry!

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