Mason (carcinogrumpy) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Lots of old clothes for sale, and a binder!

Hey, I've got lots of old clothes from when I was first transitioning that either no longer fit me, or I just know I won't ever wear again. All of these clothes are men's or boy's fit. If you would be interested in some that are girl's fit, but masculine, feel free to let me know! I'll be more than happy to sell some to you.

Burgendy Cherokee skinny jeans, size 16 (boys), $10

Yellow and gray striped Circo shirt, size 16-18 (boys), $5

Brown and Red striped Circo shirt, size 12-14 (boys), $5

Blueish gray Adam Levine polo, size M (mens), $7

Yellow and gray Old Navy hoodie, size S (boys), $12

Gray and black striped Always Push Forward shorts, size 28 (mens), $7

Dark gray Old Navy polo, size M (mens), $7

Blue jean Old Navy cargo shorts, size 16 (boys), $7

Red and white Authentic Sportswear shirt, size L 10/12 (mens), $5

Korn band t-shirt, size M (mens), $7

Black and gray striped Circo shirt, size 16-18 (boys), $5

Light blue Super Mario T-shirt, size XS (mens), $3 (disclaimer: the fabric is very thin)

Red and white baseball Tee, size M (mens; imported from China), $5

Muddy green with black and red belt mesh shorts, size S (mens), $7
Breaking Bad Heisenberg shirt, size S (mens), $5
Gorillaz beige shirt, size XS (mens), $5

Always Push Forward black, white, and gray striped shorts, size 28 (boys), $7
Beige cargo shorts, size 18 (mens), $7

Blue and white whale pattern shirt, size (unknown, but small), $5 (disclaimer: silky fabric)

White zipper binder, size small (more like extra small, imported from China) , $7 (disclaimer: thin fabric)

There we are! I'm aware that some of these clothes are wrinkled. If you'd like me to iron them before sending them to you, let me know! just If you're interested in buying any of the above, or have any questions, contact me at

Have a nice day!!

Tags: ftm

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