jack radish (jackrad) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
jack radish

surgical binders?

hey folks, i just joined this community and was wondering:

i'm a month away from my top surgery and am supposed to buy a surgical binder to wear post-op. the one my surgeon (Dr. Johnson) reccommended is $60 and as i am about to have top surgery, i don't have a lot of money lying around and don't want to pay $60 for it. i was wondering whether anyone had a surgical binder that wasn't too badly used (as in, doesn't have your blood/other bodily fluids all over it or anything like that) that they'd be willing to sell to me. i am pretty big, 5'6" and about 210lbs or so, and i've always worn size small binders from underworks if that gives you any sense of what size surg. binder i would wear.

if anyone has one, let me know and i can tell you my measurements and stuff and try to figure out if it would work.


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