November 13th, 2021

I.S.O Reelmagik Or Freetom


I'm looking for:

1: ReelMagik

Type: Pack & Play

Colour: M6

("*Would like it to have but not necessary:

Size: 18cm (7")

Enhanced Detail Colouration

Shaft Fill: Flaccid(Preferred) or Firm

Hair: H7 (Dark Brown) not trimmed*")

2: ReelMagik

Type: STP Circumcised

Size: 12.7cm (5")

Colour: M6 (Might go for a different colour as well)

3: Freetom

Type: 4in1 or Pack & Play

Size: 16.5cm(6.5") — 20.3cm(8")

Colour: Light Brown — Warm Rosy

Email/Message Me what you got and your price!


Need A.S.A.P (If this is Still up I'm Still Looking)