August 27th, 2021

Emisil Packers and STPs plus ReelMagik Packer

I am selling all of my STPs and packers. I would be happy to provide more photos and information about each. All of them have been boiled and scrubbed, but I will repeat the process again before shipping them out. I can give an honest review of each product, as well. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing any. Can be shipped immediately.   

Emisil STP Gen 3 - $350 (purchased for $490) color S08   

Emisil FL02 - $250 (purchased for $390) color s08  

Emisil Compact - $70 (purchased for $100) color light  

Reelmagik Basic Packer 4.5" cut - $40 (purchased for $60) color p1.5   

[photo description: 4 prosthetic penises on a grey comforter. Next to each prosthetic is a white text box with black writing containing the following descriptions that correspond with each prosthetic.  Top center:  Emisil Compact $70 (purchased for $100)  Bottom left:  Emisil STP Gen 3 $350 (purchased for $490)   Bottom center:  Reelmagik Basic Packer 4.5" cut $40 (purchased for $60)]  Bottom right:  Emisil FL02 $250 (purchased for $390)]