August 15th, 2021

  • bmajik

STPs/Packers all together

Selling my STPs/Packers/Strap-on. The strap-on was never used. The Sam, Flip-N-Tuck, and Mr. Limpy were only used once, before my meta last year, then cleaned and put away. I no longer need them. The Jimmy is well loved. I can toss it if you're not interested. I will include the harnesses/underwear and some other STP devices as well. All items will be sanitized and shipped together. Asking $200 for everything.

Please note, I had major surgery last week, and I'm currently recovering while single parenting five kids. Please please please understand everything is being sold together, as is. IF that doesn't interest you, or you're not certain you want to buy, please continue on. If you do message me, please be patient with my response time. I greatly appreciate it.

FTM 3in1 STP Packer ( Incl. erection pump)


I'm Phillip, transgender and an orthopaedic technician. Since intimate surgery was out of the question for me, I developed my own solution to combat gender dysphoria. 

I have sold my prosthesis 25 times so far and have only received good feedback. 

I hope I can find more people here who feel better with my product. 

Please note that I make each piece by hand and the process can take different amounts of time. The colour of the prosthesis is custom made. For this, I need a picture of your forearm (inside). 

( Please forgive the bad photos, better ones will come soon as I have a new camera) 


It erects when you want it to- no extra parts or tools needed- no visible valves or devices. By squeezing the right testicle, air is pumped into the shaft until the desired length and hardness is reached: approx. 15 pumps or 10 seconds.

A careful squeeze of the outlet valve (located in the penis shaft) ends the erection. Unwanted inflation or unintentional opening of the valve is not possible. 

When erect, an integrated button protrudes to provide your own sexual stimulation. When flaccid, the button disappears again and is hardly noticeable.

The blue-green veins are visible and noticeable when erect. Slightly visible in the flaccid state.

Also lifelike, the glans and corpus spongiosum (thicker area on the underside of the penis) remain slightly softer, even when the prosthesis is stiff.

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