June 27th, 2021

More prosthetics cleaning out drawer

Haven’t had too much luck but I’m trying to do a drawer clean out and have been seeing other listings like this get some luck so… thought I’d give it a shot.

All are lightest color and like new. No flaws.

All prices include shipping in USA.

Email me at mattiercox@gmail.com or fb message me for more details or pictures

Packers: ( left to right)
1. Handy from Axolom 3 in 1 $55
2. Basic uncut packer axolom $25
3. New peecock basic packer (updated paint job) $75
4. STP freely XL version $45
5. Sam STP (small flaw in paint job) $45

Packing Gear: (left to right) prices range from $10-15, sales for bundled purchases, multiples of most products

1. Jock mail jock strap small
2. Small basic pack strap (trans guy supply)
3. Bullet briefs packing underwear size small
4. Shark Joey pouch classic
5. Medium cake bandit stp boxers
6. Big baller mypack strap

Email for serious inquires at mattiercox@gmail.com