June 16th, 2021

Selling a handful of FtM products! (STP,Play,pack)

Looking to sell multiple items of mine hopefully in a bundle or groups but wouldn’t mind breaking them up if you’re willing to pay.

I have a Tantus ‘on the go packer’ in the second darkest skin tone. I’ve used it maybe once so it’s pretty much brand new. $30 USD + Ship

I have a Fleshlight Mr.limpy medium (caramel) lightly used. $10 USD + ship

I also have a Fleshlight Brent Corrigan
Dildo, used maybe 2 times. Looking for $55 USD + ship

I have one TOMMY STP bought ‘pre-owned’ off livejournal. I believe it is the LS-2 shade. The urethra hole was cut wider previously to allow for a wider stream which I honestly think helps a lot. If you urethra closer to the front of your body it would be a perfect fit. $75 USD + ship

I have the “Knight” axolom 3-1 stp in the 3rd darkest shade. Used a few times, want $70 USD + ship.

I also have a CalExotics Packer gear STP in the light shade which I’ve only used a handlful of times. $5 USD + ship

Email me at dasavage012804@gmail.com for pictures or for questions. You will not pay the individual shipping price if bundled so just message me if you’re interested. If interested in single item shipping will be calculated through email with just the send of an address.