April 23rd, 2021

Gen 3 4.3 inch Emisil Prosthetic (colour 6)

Hey guys, if you or someone you know are looking for a prosthetic packer, I have the generation 3 STP emisil 4.3 inches prosthetic in colour 6.

This packer is only a few months old and in really great condition. The reason I want to sell it isn't that it doesn't work or is broken it's just because I ordered it and it's really meant for taller people. It's way too big for my body and it makes me look like I have an erection every second of the day. I have every bit of the original packaging down to the box they shipped it in and the plastic bag with the number of the colour on it.

I have the erection rod and also the only thing that might be considered "wrong" with it is that there is a bit of residue from adhesive stuff but it's just smooth and not an issue nor is it still sticky. I will throw in the medical adhesive that I paid $30 for if you're interested because I need to sell it ASAP.

It will come sanitized and as clean as humanly possible because I know it's a very intimate object.

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