January 10th, 2021

Hi! I've got Emisil packer FL02, S09 colour, no hair for sale!

It's totally new, I just opened the package, tried it and felt it's not exactly what I'm looking for, I prefer STP's. (https://www.emisil.com/ftm-packer-trans-fl02.html) Nevertheless, the quality of the product is really great, it has floating testicles and 4 different layers of skin, that are not painted but have pigment directly in the silicone (it won't rub off like in cheaper alternatives). You can also use medical adhesive instead of harness to wear it.

Very realistic feel!

I've payed 418 euro for the packer (product price + vat + shipping) and I'd like 250 euro for it because the product is brand new, just opened. I'm open to negotiation. E-mail me at: gdrumsx@gmail.com 

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Peecock, Freetom, others for sale

Hey y'all, saving for top and cleaning out my packer drawer. In order of the pics below, I'm selling:

SOLD 5.5 inch Gen4 Peecock (beige) with Python pleasure rod, like new: $140

SOLD FreeTom Stallion 8 in., Caucasian, Painted, like new: $150

Reelmagik 2.5 in. basic soft packer, light wear: $20

SOLD GenderCat Gender Extender fascination sleeve (the old version), 1/2 in. diameter, lightest shade, like new: $30

Contact me by email: queerwarrior627@gmail.com

All prices include domestic (US) shipping, everything is thoroughly cleaned. I'll cut you a deal if you buy more than one thing, as it saves me money on shipping. I also get covid tested weekly and am hella careful if you're worried about that. Would consider a trade for an 8 inch GenderMender, but other than that, really just looking for top funds. Feel free to email for more pics/questions!