December 10th, 2020

I'm giving away a free binder

I'm giving away a binder for free.

Since I had top surgery recently, I don't need it anymore. I've decided against selling it because I know how hard it is to buy them sometimes.

You don't need to tell me why you need it or any of that. I just ask that you only dm me if you 100% need one and don't have like 2-3 of them already.

My only rules are you have to be 18+ and be in the US. I'll pay for shipping.

It isn't in perfect condition and have some freying along the armpit and neck, but bind fine.

Black XL Underworks tank. It's around 6 months old.

DM me @ ash.william_ on Instagram if you're interested

Reelmagik Pack n'Play + Jack 2-in-1 + Archer packer

Hi all, I'm selling a few things to save up for lower surgery. All items will come sanitised and ship discreetly. Uploading photos in a bit, if you'd like more photos or have any questions, just ask!

Reelmagik Pack n' Play - Brand new, never used. Paid $960, asking $900 + shipping
This item is a brand new, never used reelmagik pack and play. This is the newer length 4.75" uncircumcised flaccid model. It's base fill + enhanced detail paint, hand-punched hair and with the new style of pleasure pocket in the shaft. Hair is color H9, skin is color M17. This prosthetic is just a bit too dark for my skin tone and packing with something that doesn't match me bothers me. I had a consultation for lower surgery and while it is still likely a couple of years away, I want to start saving money for it now so I don't get blindsided by an insurance denial and a $50k hospital bill, so this prosthetic needs to find a new home. It will come in the original box and bag with the prosthetic cleaner spray and instruction and care booklet from Reelmagik. Looking to get $900 + shipping as I paid nearly $1000 and waited 6 months for it. The prosthetic is totally new and untouched, took it out to take photos of it and boxed it up again. If you need more photos, just ask and I can take it out to show more angles.

Archer packer size S, chocolate - Like new, $30 + shipping
This is the archer circumcised packer from New York Toy Collective in size small, chocolate color. It is designed for smaller and/or younger guys and has a flat back for comfort and a firm but soft texture. This is also 100% silicone and totally body safe. Worn once, will come sanitised and in original nytc bag.

Jack Stroker 2-in-1 Packer, chocolate - Like new, $20 + shipping
This is the Jack 2-in-1 stroker/packer from New York Toy Collective in chocolate color. It can be used for packing or as a toy for play. This didn't work with my anatomy. Will come sanitised and packaged discreetly.