September 2nd, 2020

Hardline Jr D stp

Hello brothers!

I have a M2 Hardline Jr D Stp 4 n 1 for sale. Comes with rod. Cleaned properly and barley worn as my reelmagik came in shortly after receiving this product.

Asking 200 and ill pay shipping within states. Thats over 100 off what i paid for this bad boy.

Length is 5.5


— (Zolo pocket sleeve) all I want is for you to pay to shipping. 

— COMPACT STP; $90 - I paid $80 originally. Shipping and tracking will be $90. - Believe me, it's steep, I know. But COVID??? If the prices are cheaper than the last time I went, we'll talk. 

— TRANSCENDTHEM PAX STP; $175 — retail is $250 and this one is damaged so it's discounted.

— TRANSCENDTHEM PIP STP; $100 + shipping retail is close to $120 so trying to get a bit of my money back....sorry. 

— THE SPORTS JOCKSTRAP STP; original price is $30 - one size is small one size is xs even though I feel like the XS is bigger than the small ..... (yes, two separate ones). Each for $20 for both for $30, I'm not tripping. + shipping 

— TRUHK BOXER STP/PACKING UNDIES; retail is $30 - so I guess $20 + shipping. 

— MYSPOUTI; retail is $40... I'll ask for the $40 cause it's worth it and it's still in its original box so shipping won't be too much. The only reason I'm selling is bc I bought a Winkie and the Winkie works 100% better. I still use this and will until sold and then I'll boil it. 

-TRANSCENDTHEM PAX ROD; $30 - retail is $30 and I want my money back + shipping.

-BENSON DAVIS "ROSEY"  STP; $50 - I bought it for $90 and it's not worth that in my opinion, so I just want $50 + shipping.

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