August 17th, 2020

  • Mark

Rodeoh Realistic 6” Stp/Packer/Play (Dark Caramel)

Wanting to sell these two items together but i could also do it separate :)

wore the black boxers once and theyve been washed and the prosthetic was worn 5 times and prosthetic will be sanitized

all together i am asking for $90 + shipping because all together i paid 137.93

if you have depop we could do the shipping on there and ill do a discreet listing

Rodeoh Realistic Stp 6”
Retails for $89.99 if you want it separate asking for $74 + $6 shipping (if purchased separate)

Truhk Boxers size Small
Retails for $29.99 asking for $18.75 + $5 shipping (if purchased separate)


I suggest using paypal to pay and buying a separate listing on depop that’ll be .50 plus the shipping i have up so i can ship through depop so youll have proof that i am shipping it.

my email is and my depop is icxial

just message me to tell me what you’re interested in! :)