June 9th, 2020

Selling: Freetom Traditional

Selling a traditional painted (6.5) 4 n 1 pack and play from Freetom. The color is dark chocolate and the silicone is FIRMER than normal, can be used for play with or without the rod (included).

Paid 300 looking to get at least 200, shipping included. Payment via PayPal only.
Drop a comment below with your email if interested and I'll be glad to send pics!

Need Help Paying Bills

My job is slow going. I was told I was going to get full pay/hired back and I went from making $300 a week to $100. So I’m selling my back-stock of prosthetics.

All prices include shipping. Ship to US and Canada ONLY.

Willy STP from Rodeoh- $35 lightest color, used twice, like new.

Jimmy STP, lightest color, uncut, used twice, like new $80-85.

Considering selling 4” supersoft gendermender packer. $120. With adhesive sheets. Caucasian. $100 without adhesive.

$30 for just the adhesive sheets.

Rodeoh boxers: size small, packing, like new. $15 each. 2 for $25.

Packing underwear for EZP- brand new, small. $15 each. 2 for $25.

Contact me @mattiercox@gmail.com with inquiries- or DM me here.