March 11th, 2020

Freetom 4-in-1 Silicone STP

Freetom rogue 4 in 1 light brown (I don’t remember the exact shade but you can see from pictures) $100 free shipping but will accept offers

Soft silicone hollow STP Also light brown will be included for free or if bought in it’s own $7 plus shipping

Both cleaned and powdered

Message me for any question Or email

(SELLING) Emisil Gen2 4n1 S01 250$ (SOLD)

Have this 4n1 for sale, I've had no luck selling it over on r/ftm so trying here!
Barely used, my partner didn't personally like it and I have no use for the play part (and have my own that I absolutely love!)

Comes with 

-Gendercat adhesive sheets

-Gendercat prosthetic cleaner

-Erection rod

You're completely fine to request anymore pictures or ask any questions about it!


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4 in 1 and binder!

I have a freetom gen 2 sleek color tan not painted 4 in 1 with erection rod and a brand new without the tags gc2b full tank binder size XL color nude 4
Shoot me a price or possibly a trade option! Text me 2094752086 or email me