March 8th, 2020

Lots of Cock for sale

EXPAND to see everything.

Reelmagik packer  — $50
GenderCat 4Rlz semi-hard 4" —  $180
Freetom 4-n-1 Gen2 Rogue  — $125
Buckoff — $15
Blowjob cock — $70
LolaJake PnP — SOLD

I'm in Canada, but willing to ship anywhere if you Paypal upfront. 


ReelMagik 4.5" Classic Model P2 packer $50 usd

>> Barely used. Nice piece, nice squish, nice firmness — just enough, but not too much. However, does have a little weight to it, if you're looking for that. 

Bendy enough to pack to the side.
Bendy enough to pack to the side.
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