March 2nd, 2020

Hardline Jr D stp

Hey all got this just last week then my car broke down! Hit me up. Asking 250 as i paid 300 plus shipping!

Also have a painted santos i would sell for 50!

Also have a rodeoh semi pack and play that i would sell for 60!

Also have a 5 inch reelmagik i would sell for 40!

Binders for Sale!

I have 14 Binders that are varying degrees of used and new. 

I have 11 half binders. I have two gray compression tanks (just compresses doesn't completely bind) from Underworks and a white half binder inside a tank-tee, so three tank tops total.

All are from Underworks or GC2B. Mostly sizes Large and Extra Large.

From Underworks: 

2 Gray Compression Tanks size Large. Unused $15 each.

1 White Half-Binder tank top combo, size Large, Unused $15

1 White Half Binder size Large. Good condition, no discoloration, stains or loose strings. $15

2 White Half Binders Size Extra Large. Both in good condition with no discoloration, stains, or loose strings. $15 each.

1 Black Half Binder Size Extra Large, in like-new condition with no discoloration, stains, or stretching of any kind. $20

I have one Black Half binder from Underworks that doesn't bind super well but is good for exercise because it's not too restricting. It's more of a sports bra type dealie but looks like a binder and does compress. Size 38B/C/D on the label. $5

From GC2B:

1 White Half Binder Extra Large. In used condition, has some discoloration around the collar and a few loose strings. It is wearable and binds, but I've had it a little while. $7

1 Green Half binder Large. It is in gently used condition. Has no stains or loose strings but the over-the-shoulder fabric is a little stretched out. $13

2 Blue Half Binders Large. Both in very good condition with no stains, stretching, or loose strings. $15 each.

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