February 23rd, 2020

  • mattr28

STP, 3in1, and Binders for Sale


Anything not on this list from previous posts has been sold .

Peecock basic packer: 3” Light beige, no defects, $45. SOLD

Rodeoh realistic STP 3-in-1, caramel color, light beige-ish, 6”. Must use a harness to pack cuz it’s heavy silicone. $60

REDEOH 3-in-1 details: Rodeoh is GREAT as an STP, must use harness to pack with: Includes rod for sex, harness size small, if you just want the stp it’s $60. $75 with the harness.

Willy STP from Rodeoh: $30- lightest color, almost EXACTLY like the emisil compact just less realistic. Packs up. Great soft silicone. Like new- used twice.

Reelmagick soft packer 5”, light wear, $40.

GC2b grey half tank, M, light wear, a little discoloration from using it for swimming. $5

BINDER FOR SALE: Never used. Underworks full tank size small, white. $15

Joey Packing Pouch, larger size, no hole, space theme: $15

Various rodeoh packing boxers, like new $15 a piece, deals for pairs bought together, size small.

Packing boxer briefs for EZP STP never worn. Brand new. $15 a piece. Deal for two.

Shipping included in price. Only ship within US.

Email me at mattiercox@gmail.com or DM my tumblr @transmattrs