February 11th, 2020

UK packer and rodeoh briefs for sale

1. Joystick is SOLD

2. £30 packing bundle includes:
Pierre packer by NYC toy collective (second lightest shade, suitable for Caucasian or light Asian skin tone).
Also a packer gear packing harness that I no longer use, its simple black jock design with an o ring, fits as a men's medium 30-34 inch waist.
Rodeoh 1.75 inch O ring briefs which I dyed black (were green originally). The colouring is a bit off but they function perfectly well. Size 30-32.

Message me vladkobletski@gmail.com if you’re interested. I can send pics too, for some reason the images won’t post here properly.

I’m getting rid of stuff cheap and it’s a good option if you struggle to afford new trans products. Shipping is free in the uk, and I'll ship to the US for £10 extra.