December 13th, 2019

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Hiii if anyone is willing to send a packer, stp, or really anything to me I would appreciate it beyond words😭😭 I recently got laid off I know
It’s a long shot but when I get working again I could even skip you some money just really looking for something to help me feel more “me” around my family for the holidays, anything helps honestly!!
  • mattr28

Half Price Stuff for the Holidays

Still cleaning out my drawers.
Had a few offers but they fell through. Please DM tumblr transmattrs or email at

Peecock packer: Dark beige (really more of a brown color) $45 small flaw in balls.

Debating selling a freetom rogue... it’d be around $90 I just got it and already hate it... think it’s just too girthy for me. I’m trying to find that perfect 4-in-1 but I just don’t think it exists...

Gendermender fascination sleeve, Caucasian, brand new: $40

Various rodeoh packing boxers, like new $15 a piece, deals for pairs bought together, size small.

Packing boxer briefs for EZP STP never worn. Brand new. $15 a piece. Deal for two.

Shipping included in price. Only ship within US. Email me at or DM my tumblr @transmattrs