November 14th, 2019

  • mattr28

Prices Lowered on Items/New Items

Gc2b binder: $25

Pierre Packer: $20

Peecock packers $45-50 (depending on shipping charges) (darker/medium color)

Also, two STPS for sale, $35 each. Similar to Sam STP, pics upon request.

For other item details see previous posts. Email with serious inquires only at

Reelmagik 5" Circumcised STP

Hi y'all, I'm selling a circumcised Reelmagik STP in M06 color. I've used it twice and it just doesn't work with my anatomy, which is a damn shame because the coloring and textures are absolutely wonderful. 

Originally $550usd (with shipping), I'm willing to part with it for $350 and will cover shipping costs if you live in the US. Feel free to reach me at

Dick pics below

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