September 3rd, 2019

Gendermender 4RLZ 4 inch packer with Amazeballs

Hey guys,

I'm looking to sell my GenderCat(GC) 4in 4RLZ packer. I ordered it to replace my current GC packer, which is falling apart, but realized it increases my dysphoria. The difference in shaft size messes with me and after taking it out of the box and looking at it once, I decided it's a no go.

This packer includes the self-adhesive sheet already installed, amazeballs, the GC talcum powder and info sheets included with the order. I tested it on my body for about 5 minutes then shoved it back in the box, where it's been sitting for ~3 weeks.

I paid $454 for this packer and would like $450 for it. Shipping is included in the price and will be paid for by me. I'd like to stay firm on the price considering shipping is paid for, the device is brand new, and will arrive faster than ordering directly from the GC website.

The packer is customized in brown tones and will be best for people of medium-dark complexions (African American, Latinx, South Asian).

Please email inquiries to I will be more than happy to include pics.

Grazi :)