July 31st, 2019

New stuff for sale

Selling a Pride GC2b binder - got it thinking I’d wear it as a tank top this summer. Never did. Never worn but opened. I paid $50. Selling for $35. Medium.

Packing pouch- Joey space themed never opened $12

Emisil compact, like new, caramel (which is actually pretty light) $70

Also I have a bunch of small Rodeoh packing underwear and two small pairs of boxer briefs meant for the EZP that are all sitting in my drawer. The Rodeoh are lightly used but the EZP briefs are unused. Email if interested.


I answer my Tumblr DMs more often.

I’m trying to get a peecock to help with my dysphoria- I’ve never had a 4 in 1 and I’m sick of switching between packers...