July 15th, 2019

  • mroth8

Tyron Phase 4 Prosthetics (all in one: pee, play, pleasure, pack)


Hey guys, I have a Tyron Phase 4 prosthetic. It is the absolute best thing I've ever seen.

At this moment it can take up to 10-12 months for your order to arrive to you, which is absolutely crazy. I actually had to wait for a year myself, along with color sample, etc.

I'm saving up for surgery and I REALLY do not want to let this go because it took time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, efforts leading up to the point of finally getting the prosthetic. But alas the timing isn't right. Also, this has only been worn twice because I was too scared to damage it. Everything is 100% working and in excellent, perfect condition.

Because you have the option of getting it almost right away, I need to charge you the same price. This has never been used. Only worn twice out. I will need to ship where signature is required.

Free shipping only available in the United States. I will ship outside of the U.S. (depending on the country) but you will have to incur fees.

Please no low ballers. I am in no rush to sell it, and if there are no takers, I'll just end up keeping it, but this is the best non harness pack, play, pleasure, stp, without the use of a rod, without the need to powder, without the use of a harness, etc. It's insane that everything is so realistic looking and feeling and gets erect only with a few pumps on the testicle.

I am asking how much I paid for it, minus the tax and shipping. I paid almost $1800 with tax and shipping for it and waited for a full year. I am only asking $1580 + free shipping in the United States. You will get a brand new stp attachment with it as well.

I have seen some custom Reelmagik and Emisils that run for the same price though. This one surpasses anything out there on the market.


  • Erect when you want -no extra pieces or tools – no visible valves or contraptions (when on the body). Just pump the right ball until the penis shaft reaches full length and desired hardness:  about 15 pumps / 10 seconds.

  • Gently squeeze the release valve in the shaft to release the erection. You can't pump or release by accident.

  • When erect, there is an integrated protrusion to increase physical sexual feeling for you. When flaccid it tucks out of the away.

  • Blue-green veins are seen and felt when erect, and seen subtly when flaccid

  • The glands (head) and the corpus spongiosum (thicker section along the underside of the penis) remain softer at erection for realism.

  • The entire prosthesis is internally lubricated:  the skin moves over the penis shaft and testicles for realism and comfort.

  • The entire inside of the penis shaft hardens for the erection. The penis skin is pulled taunt and thin and remains able to slide over the erection.

  • Can be used with an STP (which also comes with it).

I will send more pictures to those who are serious. Due to the higher price point, please do not message me just to ask for more pictures if you are not interested in purchasing. Email: roborite@gmail.com

Also coming soon:
Emisil Compact STP for $85 USD. Price firm. It's $105 currently and also takes forever to ship. But this is never used. I did use it to pack only in clean underwear once.