July 11th, 2019

The Bono / Joystick & Budgie Briefs

Selling my kind of new Bono from transthetics. 

Colour medium

7" (I suppose, I bought it last year before they added the second size)

tested two times, won't work for us

rechargeable vibe, recharge cable for vibe, refill syringe and carry pouch of course included

Shipping from germany to everywhere you desire. ;)

Looking for 180€ plus shipping costs. (it's 262€ at the transthetics shop, not available atm)

Also selling two budgie briefs, size M (31-32"), worn like 3 to 6 times, washed of course.

Looking for 10€ each (new 27€)

Selling Things to Prepare for Top Surgery

Hey everyone, I’m selling a bunch of things to help save for my top surgery next month

Selling emisil flaccid 01 in s08+09 (blended). It’s a really incredible prosthetic, the most realistic one I’ve ever owned. I’m just trying to save the money for top surgery next month. Selling for $280 without shipping. It’s over $320 new and I think I have some adhesive sheets I could throw in (not sure if I have parts a&b but I’ll check)

I also have a small mr. limpy I’m the light color, selling for $7

Also, underworks tri-top chest binder in beige in 3XL. It’s a bit discolored but it’s still in perfectly fine shape and usable. Selling for $18

I have a shapeshifters half tank binder in birch, it’s the equivalent of a 3X underworks or a 4x gc2b. Selling for $25 which is half the price I bought it for.

Finally, I have a pair of black M/L packer gear boxer briefs that I’ve never worn. They’re essentially brand new. Selling for $15

For pictures or interest on any of the items, email me at jwechs@gmail.com
Email me at jwechs@gmail.com