July 9th, 2019

Still Trying to Save for Top

Hey still trying to save up for Top Surgery. I have a few new things for sale. But the main things are:

Reelmagick, classic packer, 4” cut, color P2: $35

Gendermender packer, 3”, super soft, Caucasian: $85 w/o adhesive $90 with

Email me for more details or packer offers/Joey pouch/packing underwear.

Contact at tumblr: @transmattrs

Or email mattiercox@gmail.com
oh damn

Joystick for sale

Hi all. I’m looking to sell my joystick. It’s too big for me. Hasn’t been used for sex, but will sanitize either way. Comes with vibe, vibe head attachment, charger, syringe, and bag. Pretty much brand new still.
I’m hoping to sell it for $125, and that includes shipping costs.
Could also be interested in a trade for The Rod or Hot Rod.
Email me at rluquet92@gmail.com if interested. Thanks!

Sam the STP for sale!

I recently bought Sam the STP in caramel from New York Toy Collective. There’s nothing wrong with it, it worked well for me but I’ve decided I want something a bit more realistic. Perfect condition, will be sanitized and cleaned well before shipping. Text me with offers or if willing to make a trade! Pictures will be provided upon request. 219-718-0680