March 20th, 2019

Selling Peecock Gen X and More!

Please help me save for Top Surgery

Also trying to share the items I don’t use that could be affirming for others in the community.

My peecock gen X is up for sale. It’s the medium color. Small tear in shaft, fixed with super glue and completely functional: $60.

Two small rodeoh boxers, light wear, separate $15, together, $27

Joey pouch, classic with hole, $15, light wear. Joey pouch space theme, brand new, never opened $20.

Two small EZP compatible boxer briefs, black, $38 for both. (Original price was $50) NEW

Pierre packer, medium color, like new, $38.

All prices include shipping. Only ship to US and Canada. If interested email or DM my tumblr: transmattrs or email