March 5th, 2019

Freetom 4in1

hey everyone!

I got a prosthetic:

freetom rogue(5.5 in) 4 in 1 in some light skintone, best for a white person probably. Used for STP and packing only, not play, has been sterilised. Almost new.
Got this on clearance since the cup is shorter than usual, but it works fine for STPing. Also includes rod to use for play. Looking for something like £100 ono (paid 120 incl shipping)

Email me for pictures, or offers!

Note: will not send prosthetics to anyone under the age of 18!
Shipping to Europe only!

Freetom 4in1

I bought this freetom 4n1 paid around 180 or so pus shipping
Looking to sale it used it for like 5min and was like nope this not for me it's to bulky and bug for me as I'm not out yet I wanted something smaller idk wasn't wat I expected my loss your gain offer me what u think is decent. And I can go and buy a smaller one. Or willing to trade for a smaller stp
Emial me

FTM Packer for Sale

I bought a 3-in-1 packer from FTM Connect over a year ago, and I've only used it a few times since I personally don't like it, even though nothing is wrong with it. It's in the color pale and is the 5.5 inch model with 3-in-1 functionality (pack, pee, play). I'll include the insertable rod and 32"-34" harness with it. Asking $75 plus shipping (US only) since it was originally bought for $150, and I do payments through Paypal. Email me at for any questions.