September 2nd, 2018

SOLD | PRICE REDUCED | EC Prosthetics 3-in-1 6.75 in with 3D gel-filled balls

Well-made, very detailed. Only worn/used once and promptly sanitized. It’s just too big for my body - I’m only 5’5” and it was too much. The detail really is great though - you can see in the photos. (Sorry I was only wearing boxers.)
Only flaw is the little channel visible on the back side where you would glue it to your body. I was trying to remove the excess silicone from the time I used it (I’d bought the silicone glue that the site sells), and I got x-acto happy.
Looking to sell for $100 but I can be persuaded to drop it to 90 if you’re in a bad way. I payed 180 for it - the 3D balls added $50, but they’re worth it.
EC’s got a $78 dollar 3.5 STP I’m looking to buy to replace it (little more size-appropriate for me). it’ll be around 90 with tax and shipping so I’m really just looking to cover that.
Hope this dude makes someone happy.