May 28th, 2018

Freetom rouge 5 inch

I have a Freetom rogue I believe in a 5 inch for sale. I have never used it as it was to large for me to successfully pack with. I am asking 80$ and I will pay for shipping anywhere in the US. I also have a 4 inch stp ninja used once again I did not like the size of the actual piece. This is an asking 60$. I am also in search of a rod or peecock gen 3s and would be willing to trade plus some cash or etc. please email for pictures or inquiries. Thanks, Kyle.

GenderMender Semi-Hard


I have a 6" GenderMender semi-hard that is brand new. I added the adhesive sheet to the back to try it on, but that's all I've done. I got it in color 3033.

It's too hard for me to comfortably wear (you can still bend it to pack, but it does feel like an erection if you touch it through clothes, which isn't what I'm after.)

I paid $230 for it. I haven't worn it for more than the 2 minute try-on, so I am hoping to get as much for it as I can. Asking $180 to start, but make me an offer if you'd like it.

I also have their 4" soft in a similar color. If anyone would like that, please feel free to make an offer on that, too.