April 8th, 2018

Freetom 4 in 1 Rogue and Sleek stp for sale

I have a 4 in 1 Rogue and sleek stand to  in warm Rosy. I wore the rogue for one week. And  I wore the sleek  one day. I trimmed the excess cups on both. And on the Rogue i modded the slit in the tip to allow more urine to flow through.  

Selling either one for a hundo plus shipping. 


Sleek stp hole
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Ezp 004

I have a used ezp for sale. Its in the medium color. Pretty good condition. I never really used it or got the hang of the stp part. Just not for me. Ive had it since nov. 2017 but its been in my drawer for most of it. Want to get at least 125 (+$5shipping) since it was never really used besides once or twice but i might be able to negotiate. Thank you! ^^