March 21st, 2018

Vixen Creations Mr. Right vanilla packer

For sale. 100% silicone, light-medium pink/peach skin tone, 4-¼" x 1-¼" penis, nice details, firm yet supple. Never even worn, just stood around with it at home a few times, it doesn't look quite right on me. I'm going for smaller (WTB small NYTC Archer) and will sell this to fund that purchase. Asking $40 shipped in USA, or make me an offer!

  • masonl

Selling FreeTom Robin Hood 4.5” StP - Unused SOLD

Selling this got it today but I don’t like the skin tone, it is too light for me. Colour is light brown. I can send you receipt for proof it is basically a brand new product.

Selling for $50 USD + shipping (I live in Australia so if you’re in the US shipping. is around $25 USD). If you’re elsewhere let me know and i’ll calculate it. Email me at