February 28th, 2018

6.5 in Freetom Rogue 4in1

I'm selling my 6.5 in 4in1 from Freetom for $125 obo
(i bought it for $275 with taxes and shipping)
i bought it 2 yeas ago and ive barely used it since. i used it with a past partner once (with a condom and it will be sanitized when sent) and my new partner doesnt like the idea of something my ex used/picked out.
plus, its too big to pack and ive found packing isnt my thing anyway.
my email is alxjmsbnntt@gmail.com
email me with any questions or anything
shipping is us only unless you want to pay more for international!
feel free to email me about pictures bc i dont understand live journal or how to add photos but im a paler white dude so the 4in1 matches my skin tone as best it could (i forget the name of the color, i bought it 2 years ago lmao)

used EZP?

I’m in desperate search of an EZP by Transthetics. I realistically can afford $90 and shipping or $100 and not cover shipping. If you have an EZP you would be willing to part with for $90 and shipping then please reply or message me at (678)739-1304. thanks (:


I’ve got quite a few binders for sale and they’re in like new (or brand new) condition!

I have:


(2) 5XL No. 4 Nude GC2B binder (worn less than five times)

I’d like to ask for $25 (USD) each with free shipping. If you’re interested you can comment or text me at (678)739-1304.

Thanks ((: