January 29th, 2018

Assorted cheap packers

Hey guys, I need some quick cash so I'm trying to sell some packers that haven't previously sold as well as some new ones. All prices below include shipping if you buy them individually. However, the more products you buy, the better deal I'll cut you because it reduces the overall shipping cost that I have to pay. If you have questions or want to make an offer, please contact me at queerwarrior627@gmail.com, thanks!

Note: all used packers have been boiled/sterilized

SOLD "My favorite packer" from Freetom: $25
-bought for $40
-brand new/never used
-packer only (not an stp)
-caucasian color

4.5 inch silicone dildo: $20
-brand new/never used
-only for play purposes
-1.5 inches in diameter
-suction cup base

SOLD Bad Dragon anthro model packer: $65
-brand new/never used
-paid over $80 new
-similar density to a Mr. Right packer
-it's a dragon dick

SOLD 4.5 inch ReelMagik basic packer: $20
-classic density, color p2
-bought on clearance (has a few air bubbles underneath the tip)
-minor scuffs and wear

SOLD 3 inch ReelMagik basic packer: $20
-soft density, color p1
-minor scuffs and wear

Selling an EC STP uncut 5,5 inches


Hi guys,

I am selling my STP. Although I like the look and the size, I never used it as an STP or packed a whole lot (like 5-10 times) It felt to huge and also in the meantime I got another packer I like better. Now that this STP doesn't rot here, I figured I could sell it for a few bucks.
Originally it cost me 118 bucks but I'd part with it for 50USD.

I cut of the tab as it was sticking out pretty strong, but I dont think it affects the STP-funktion at all. I didnt pee with it, so I can't tell you guys to much about it.

It warms up pretty nicely when worn, it has squeezable sacks (not floating testicles tho) and can be fold pretty well in tight jeans. It ain't for loose pants tho.
Additionally there is an errection rod with it, fitting exactly.

Information that might be interesting: I am from Austria/ Europe. Just that you know, where it comes from (also porto-wise)

Write me an Email if you'd be interested :)

The original website for the STP if you wann know more: https://www.ecprosthetics.com/5___UNCUT_NEW_STP_3_in_1_FTM_Prosthetic_penis_realistic_packer/p2596364_15329698.aspx