May 25th, 2017

Three Binders for trade/sale

I went and had top surgery! I'm still in disbelief as it was just yesterday XD But I know have three binders that I don't need anymore.
Now, these are used, so none of them are in perfect condition.
I have two gc2b half binders. One black (the outer layer on it is a bit loose, but not the part that binds, so it works fantastic) and one blue (I think it has a couple of popped stitches, but same with the binding great!). They're both size small (I was 34~ chest just about, A/B cup).
I have one white binder, half as well, that velcros on the side. One of the better binders I ever had (wore it for about 5 years with little break down). I think it was from peecock, but I'm not sure. It does have some discoloration on it from before I learned to wear an undershirt under it (seriously, do it with this one, it's SO much more comfortable). This is also in a size small. The only downside is that you can't wear it with as tight of shirts because you can see the thicker bit on the side where it velcros. The best part is that it's SO easy to put on/take off. No more getting stuck in your binder!
I'm hoping to trade them for a gc2b in any color (though black is preferable) in 4XL (for a friend who is still pre-op).

I'll also take offers of STPs/Packers/PackandPlay/or any variation thereof. Just lemme know!
Or if you'd like to pay cash, you just say so.