April 28th, 2017



[FS] STYLISH FLESH Selling almost not used Mini Packy STP Big Spoon model. The shop selling it is closed, sadly. Pics here NSFW http://pokazywarka.pl/olhn9o/ Colour is pink. There is "seamline" but no torn parts. I made a pic "under the shaft" and the line there is not a break, but it's seamline. I bought it in 2015 and tried it maybe once or twice, but I dont use packer at all and I dont care about standing to pee.

Contrary to strange look it's considered one of best on the cheaper side. Here's some video how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YFsBue7Hic ( uploaded by owner of the store)

Price is 80$ including shipping registered and strap. Please message me  on LJ or comment.

I think it's not made of silicone, cause you have to use talc on it daily. I dont know ( dont remember ) what it is , but it's soft and pleasant to touch.
I washed it to make pics and it wasnt sticky. But I keep it covered in talc.