April 12th, 2017

oh damn

ReelMagik Pack n Play FOR SALE - 4.5 in, M12, Enhanced Paint, Human Hair (Black)

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to sell my Reel Magik packer. I'm in between jobs and moving, so I'm trying to sell things I don't really use anymore.

I have a 4.5 inch, detail painted, human hair punched, with erection rod packer. The color is M12. It's incredibly life like, and can be adhered to the body. However, the adhesive I had gotten with it sat for too long and went bad. As well as the remover. However the cleansing spray is still good.

Anyway, the packer is in great condition, as it was only worn maybe 5 times? Only real thing is that some of the hair got caught in the adhesive on the back, but it really isn't terrible. I didn't try very hard to get it out either haha so I'm sure it could be brushed out or something if you try.

I've never used it for sex so I don't know how that works with it. It is on the smaller size but I'm sure it would still work well! Regardless, it has been sterilized.

Overall, it's a lightly used packer with all the extras, in great condition.

I paid about $1200 for it. I'm looking to sell it for $550 (that includes shipping).

Email me at rluquet92@gmail.com if interested. Serious inquiries only.

4X Tomboii Boxer Brief Harness

Hi all,

I bought this today and it is too small for me and for my Freetom. I'm hoping to get back at least some of what I paid for it.
Note: The package says that a 4X fits those with bottom measurements from 51-56 inches, however, I believe that it would best suit someone on the lower end of that spectrum, or people who would normally take a 3X (49-52 inches). Also, the O ring does NOT stretch to 7 inches in circumference like the package says. My Freetom doesn't fit, and it's only 5.5 inches around.

Paid $109, selling for $85, shipping included.

FreeToM 3.75" New Favorite for SALE

Selling a freetom 3.75" new favorite 2in1 STP in tan (no paint plus) with the new urethra for $100 OBO. I just received it today, its never been used and only taken out of the original packaging for picture purposes.

email me at jwechs@gmail.com for pics and inquiries