April 1st, 2017

Selling: Freetom sleek/rogue 4 in 1

I bought this a VERY long time ago (over a year/year and a half), but never really used it. Never used it to pack. Tried to pee in it at home once. Tried for sex once (with a condom). It just wasn't for me. Doesn't have the new freetom urethra. Can't remember specific color, but I think it's either the light brown or the medium skin. Looking for $125 OBO via Paypal - shipping included. Leave a comment if interested

Extra: Someone told me that it looks like I have the rogue, and not the sleek; however, I measured it and it's 5" exact from tip to base of shaft, but it's also 5" girth. So I guess I got this back before freetom potentially changed design dimensions?

Here's a link to an album with a standard 12oz soda can for size reference