March 2nd, 2017


Hey guys, I need some extra cash, so I'm selling my packers. All the prices listed are not including shipping (as shipping price changes based on location). Also, all these obviously have been extensively cleaned/sterilized, and I'll send them to you with a fresh coat of corn starch for softness. If any of these are of interest to you, hmu at Thanks!

1) Bendy Buddy pack and play: $20
-I bought this packer for $40 (without shipping)
-only worn once for 30 mins
-superrrr soft
-has embedded flex rod to make it usable for play

2) Cyberskin slimline 'dildo': $15
-I bought this for $25 (without shipping)
-taken out of the package and never used
-very soft
-super realistic balls

3) TranZwear Python silicone pack and play: $25
-bought for $50 (without shipping)
-only used once
-perfect density for play
-it's tough to pack with, but with the right harness/underwear, you could make it work
-can be sterilized/boiled since it's silicone