February 13th, 2017

Sam stp for sale or trade!

Hey guys I am still selling my sam stp in cashew it is a amazing stp I loved it but got the ezp right after! I am willing to sell and trade if needed but the sam has only ever been used one time! Please email me at isabellarflynn@gmail.com or txt me at 760-829-2611IMG_0797.JPG

Selling Freetom Sleek **SOLD**

I'm selling my freedom sleek after 3 uses. I just don't like the feeling in my pants and thats not something I could have known before buying it. Its the light brown color but matches my white complexion very well. Not too white, not too pink, not ashy looking.

I'm asking $100 for it just because I really only wore it for one day.

Let me know if you're interested 415-302-8972