September 4th, 2016

Reelmagik 4.5 pack and play

I am selling my Reelmagik 4.5 inch pack and play prosthetic. I have worn it 3 times since purchased. Only once was with a spray on adhesive. Never used for sex. I am selling because my girlfriend at the time had difficulty with "size" if you will, so we agreed to try this one, and then we broke up before it arrived even. The detail is amazing, and I was happy with the looks certainly, but I just don't find myself packing at all is the thing. I just have no use for it, so hopefully someone out there will put it to good use!

It has the rod, it is the M7 color I believe. I get really tan in the summer, and not so tan in the winter and I felt the color was spot on to a Caucasian man like myself. The detail is unreal, and the skin really does pull away. The rod is silent when you bend it, unlike Peecock brand. I have an unopened container of BT-460 adhesive (which is suppose to be the best for this product from my research). I am throwing that in for free upon purchase. I still have the cleaner as well, full bottle.

There is ZERO built up adhesive residue on the tab. This prosthetic is basically brand new minus the fact I have put it in my pants 3 times, haha. I have no problem sending videos, pics, etc to prove its quality. Asking $300 and I will even pay for shipping, and that includes the unopened adhesive and cleaner. I will be willing to even receive payment in installments if that helps.

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