August 16th, 2016

Packers and stp

Getting rid of packers and stp for great prices. Just trying to help out other ftms. Shipping is included in price. Will accept paypal only. Once payment is received, I'll ship out within 48 hours.
Soft skin packer $15 - packed with a few times (has been sanitized!) has cornstarch on it
Silicone packer $20 - packed with a few times (has been sanitized!) has cornstarch on it
SOLD - Big pack & play $35 - Never used
SOLD - Silicone STP $20 - never used
Please text me if interested at 567-686-2564


EZP for Sale!

Due to a change of circumstances I've switched over to selling my EZP. My boss screwed me over. He’s lied and used me for months, has a drug problem and spends money that was supposed to go to paying my partner and I on his drug addiction, and now refuses to pay me the $300 he owes me. I’ll probably be taking him to small claims court, but i need money NOW. My cats are almost out of food and I have bills. So I’m selling my EZP. $95 + Shipping or Best Offer! I'm pretty willing to bend the price if need be.EZP

Selling Transthetics EZP

Hey all, I'm selling my transthetics EZP. It was used only a couple of times, and it's the C006 color code. It can be worn as both an stp and a packer, asking $75.00 plus shipping, but I can definitely be flexible. Offer and I'll gladly work with you to figure something out.

Also selling my Mr. Limpy, caramel, 5 inches. Asking $4.00 plus shipping.

(I can't ship international, sorry!)