July 2nd, 2016

  • dueits


Hello, I'm selling the following products.
I've been trying to save up for top surgery.

I was excited when I got it and opened the package, however, I've never used it. I'm too afraid to put anything inside of me and the thought of it freaks me out.

Purchased this for 140 + shipping.
Was hoping to get 120 for it since it was never used.

I never wore/used it because it wasn't my skin tone.

Purchased for 99.95 + shipping.
Was hoping to get at least 75.

Magic 'Massager'

This wasn't supposed to be in the photo, but I could sell it for 30.
Used a couple of times a while back, but it has been sanitized and washed ever since. Only time used it with boxers or boxer briefs protecting between. I am very uncomfortable with skin to skin contact.

I also have some harnesses that I need to sell. They aren't my size (28" waist) and am looking for someone to purchase them off of me.

e-mail me for details or pics

Payment by interact e-transfer or Paypal.