May 9th, 2016

UPDATE: pictures under the cut: Intact/uncut silicone packer in warm tan shade

I have a beautiful packer from Sinthetics that is just a shade too dark for me, and it's uncircumcised, which is a no-go for me because I know if I had been born cis I would have been circumcised. I know a lot of people are interested in intact genitalia, however, so I thought I'd post. It's never been worn, medical grade silicone, hand painted. Flaccid, probably too soft for penetration, five inches in length and approximately six in girth. I paid $170 with shipping, so I'm hoping to get $150 for it, OBO. Pics are available under the cut, or by request if you email me at I prefer to ship domestic but can ship international if you pay for shipping. If you live in the States I'll cover shipping costs.

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Please let me know if there are any issues viewing the images.
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FTM CONNECT Uncut 6.5 STP Brown Velvet SOLD

I really love this prosthetic but the color is way too dark for me the shaft is very hallow so it makes packing super easy the balls are also 3D but not huge like freetoms under the balls is a patch that got fixed as you can see in the pics still does not affect STP i have not used it for pee but i tested it out with running water also there is a thin spot on the top of the shaft where the funnel is i tested it to see if it will rip silicone is still very strong.

asking for $40 since it has that patch and thin spot will come with free 2 day shipping.

text me at (909)904-1548