April 4th, 2016

ReelMagik, Pack n Play, Packer, Binders for sale

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Underworks Swimming binder in size XS - $30

Juya Velcro 'High Performance' Binder small - $30

(unpictured) Merena Post Op Compression Zipper Binder - small $30
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In above image:

Top - Gecko packer - $10

Far left - Python pack and play - $20

Middle - Peecock 2nd Gen with erection rod - $40. Has a few surface tears around base, but has not affected the STP tunnel whatsoever. Sold

Bottom - Reelmagik 4.5 with flex rod - $300
- worn only once and never used for sex.

Also I am giving away my Ancient Fish King binders.
The sizes I have are 'L', corresponding to 28-32 inch bust in White x1/Black x1 / Strapless x1
and 'XL' - 31.2-35 inch bust in Black x4

Payment via PayPal only. Shipping from Australia.
Everything will be washed/sterilised/etc before shipping.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

Contact me on here or at my username at gmail dot com (Preferred).

I'm Still Here

Hello my friends,

Andy the Admin here (lol)

I haven't done an update in a while So this is just a reminder that if you ever have a question you can shoot me a message at unholymisfits@gmail.com.

Please remember to post nsfw photos under a cut.