March 5th, 2016

Looking for a 4.75 in Peecock

I don't care the gen though I would prefer Gen2s, Gen3, or Gen3s. I'd like it to be light beige or beige. Doesn't need to have the erection rod or anything.

I have some things I could trade or partial such as binders (mostly XS and one XL), XS swim binder, and a prosthetic.
email me at or text me at 951.539.0949 with any potential offers.

Two Reel Magik Prosthetics for Sale

See updated post---4/14/2016

Hi guys,

Still looking to sell my two Reel Magik prosthetics so that I can afford one that better matches my skin tone and is easier to pack. My reserve buyer had to back out, so both are now available again. The first is a 6" advanced model w/flex rod in M17. The second is an STP in "light" M16. I'd like to get at least $375 for the first, and $400 for the second (which is barely used).

Message me at for pictures and more information.