February 4th, 2016

Peecock Gen2s and Binders and Prosthetic 4 Sale

SOLD 4.75 Gen2s Peecock in beige - $120- It’s lightly used and less than a year old. Comes with erection rod and carry pouch.

5.5 inch pack-n-play prosthetic - $60- never used I think it’s ec prosthetics

XS black underworks binder - $25- still in good condition

XL Black underworks binder- $20- not 100% on the size but good condition

4 pairs of 28inch waist packing boxer briefs - $15 each or $40 for all 4- lightly used

XS no name black binder - $10- worn twice

XS Underworks black and blue swim binder - $35- worn twice, never in the water

email me at m.j.hudlow@gmail.com or text me at 941-539-0949 (US Only) for more info.

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