January 30th, 2016

Assorted Stuff For Sale

Have to come up with some money by monday to avoid getting kicked out by our douchebag landlord.

This is everything we have for sale, best offer is accepted at this time cause well... Everything counts right now.

-Gamecube with games and controller $30
-ps2 with games and controllers $50
-freetom all natural with paint plus $300
-EC 4" STP $75
-LOTS OF VIDEO GAMES please message for the list $2-$25 each
-23" hp desktop monitor $50
-LOTS OF MOVIES $1-$5 each
-LOTS OF CLOTHES $1-$10 each
-star eco receipt printer $150
-2 black folding chairs $10 each
-freetom traditional with paint plus $250
-samsung blu ray player $45

Theres probably more stuff but this is all i could think of right now.

You can reach me at 7023293045 or toysfortransmen@gmail.com or through here!



Reposting, will make note if something is sold.

Need money for college So I'm selling pretty much all of my packers.

LIKEREAL 3IN1 tan skin tone. Its too light for me and I would like to purchase a sinthetics with the money from it. $320 or best offer.

Packer Gear 5 inches, caramel- 16$ (including shipping)

Mr.Limpy 3.5 inches, caramel, stop ready- 15$ (including shipping)

Gc2b half tank binders black size small and medium.- 25 (including shipping)

Black Gc3b full tank small and medium 30 (including shipping)

White Underworks tri-top medium.

LIKEREAL 2N1- tan skintone $320 OBO

Will ship international but the price will go up because shipping is more expensive.

I get a lot of emails for different thing so if I didnt respond I probably lost your email. Feel free to text me.

Email- unholymisfits@gmail.com